About Marantz and Son Ltd.

About Marantz and Son Ltd.

Marantz and Son Ltd. has been a family business since 1930. In its early days, the company wholesaled goods to many of the northern and rural stores in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. Eventually many of those smaller stores were replaced by larger chain stores and better transportation made it easier for rural residents to travel into larger urban centres.

While Marantz and Son still supplies many of the existing rural and northern stores and co-operatives, a large part of their business has become the sale of promotional imprinted items such as t-shirts, golf shirts, caps, calendars, mugs and just about anything on which you can put a logo. They now supply promotional items across Canada and the Territories.

Today, Marantz and Son Ltd. is a company that still does business in the old fashioned way. Our dedicated staff of five, which includes owners Jerry and Murray Bellan, does the work of twenty-five people and are always willing to go the extra distance. Just ask the many stores, schools, sports clubs and businesses who buy from them. They’ll tell you… the service, products and prices are first-rate.

We carry a wide variety of items for all ages, clothing, jackets, and many promotional items.

We invite you to browse through our suppliers online catalogs and find out just how much Marantz and Son have to offer you.

Tel: (204) 943-2419
Fax: (204) 942-5522
Toll Free: 1-800-561-0275
Email: info@marantzandson.ca
Address: 14 Plymouth Street, Winnipeg, MB, R2X 2V7